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Have you ever been fortunate enough to have visited Antarctica? Perhaps you’ve worked there in the past, or simply been to visit on a holiday once or twice? Well, if you have then you may be able to help Happywhale out this month!

Happywhale are working on collecting an array of Leopard Seal photos for an identification project. However, the project has come to a stall as since travel restrictions have been in place for the best part of a year now, no new photos have been coming in. This is where Happywhale sends a plea for your assistance. If you have any photos of Leopard seals which you have taken and wouldn’t mind being added to an identification catalogue, then please send them in here.

Not only will you be helping the Happywhale team, but there’s also something in it for you. For every seal photo that you submit, you will have the option to receive notifications on the identification of your seal, and when other sightings of that same seal take place. This means you can track your seal as it is matched with other photos should you wish to!

Find out more information on this project here.

Photos courtesy of Happy Whale

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