What We Do


The global voice for whales, dolphins and porpoises!

Our mission is to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises through a connected community of people with the expertise, capacity, and resources to act as the voice for cetaceans and their habitats locally, nationally, and internationally.

Our Niche

The WCA was created with the explicit purpose of bringing together organizations and people to create an integrated model for cetacean conservation and protection.

Since our first days, we have felt that the strength of our mission comes from the people who are invested in it, be they individual partners, whale watch operators, not-for-profit -organizations or NGOs.

We are stronger together, and our facilitation of these relationships has generated many phenomenal collaborations and opportunities, and allows us to address the global issues facing cetaceans in an impactful, united, sustainable way.

Image: © Cabo Trek

The Issue We Solve

“Human activities are causing a global threat to cetaceans and our oceans. The people working around the world to reverse this are not able to be fully effective because they are disconnected and underrepresented globally.”

Before the WCA, there was no authoritative worldwide conversation being had on how best to advocate for cetaceans and the consortium of businesses and groups that revolve around them. As such, there was a lot of space for information, funding and intersectional research projects to fall between the cracks. We feel that, without a structured information network, the efficacy of conservation efforts is somewhat limited in a way that it doesn’t need to be.

There are organizations and companies all over the world doing work on behalf of cetaceans, but an intersectional approach is needed to make sure that all parties have easy access to current news and upcoming research within the community.  We need to give non profits, scientists, activists, concerned citizens and businesses a way to work together and communicate freely on local and global solutions to protect cetaceans.

Our Solution

By creating an alliance of stakeholders working together on cetacean issues, the WCA helps organizations across the world to push forward with a more unified methodology for cetacean protection, and sustainable whale watching.

If knowledge is power, giving so many unwavering advocates for cetacean safety the most up to date information will have huge and immediate impact on this field. This will mean no duplication of research or misappropriation of funding. It will mean that small scale NGOs can be supported by and woven into the framework of global NGO strategies. It also means that more localized conservation groups can add their data and research into a wider network of information, available to all interested parties.

We believe that we can enable large organizations, interested individuals, whale-watching/dolphin-watching operators and the scientific community to work as one to push our shared goal of protecting cetaceans to new and never seen before heights.  Our aim to create conversation around best practice standards of animal welfare and environmental sustainability can only further empower all of our amazing partner organizations to do remarkable work in tandem with one another. Globalization has moved the needle of progress immeasurably when it comes to scientific research and international collaboration in other fields, as such the WCA is eager to continue facilitating the expansion of the discourse as it pertains to safeguarding the future of cetaceans.


We connect those working to protect our oceans around the world and bring people closer to their connection with nature.


We educate global and local communities to create an empowered community of champions for our oceans
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We advance animal welfare and environmental, economic and social sustainability in industries and activities that involve humans and cetaceans.
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We celebrate cetaceans and those who live in sustainable coexistence with our oceans
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