Our Vision

WCA Vision Statement

A world where cetaceans are free, where oceans thrive, and where communities care.

WCA Mission Statement

To protect cetaceans and their habitats through global collaboration.

WCA Values

  • To ensure that all our decisions and actions are guided by sound science, animal welfare and conservation principles and that the welfare of cetaceans is paramount.
  • To ensure that all our policies and practices are founded on the highest ethical principles.
  • To work in partnership and ensure that all our interactions with partners are fair, ethical, respectful and considered.
  • To ensure that our values are never compromised in the pursuit of our objectives.
  • To hold ourselves accountable for everything we do and every decision we make.

    WCA Objectives

    1. To be leaders in cetacean welfare and conservation and partner with any organisation, institution or government that is seeking positive change.
    2. To develop and deliver powerful and effective campaigns, projects and advocacy for cetaceans and their habitats around the world.
    3. To empower local people, communities, organisations to influence policies, attitudes and behaviours that will protect cetaceans and their habitats.
    4. To foster collaboration and build capacity throughout our partnership and beyond.
    5. To create an environment where all cetaceans are able to live free from cruelty, exploitation and suffering, with no need to be rescued from captivity.
    6. To promote and inspire a sense of awe, connection and respect for cetaceans and their ocean habitats.
    7. To transform our society to one where the importance of cetaceans and their habitats is ingrained.


    WCA’s 4 Pillars

    All of the WCA’s programmes, campaigns and projects align with our four pillars:

    Protect – cetaceans and their habitats

    Empower – communities and people

    Collaborate – locally, regionally, and globally

    Demonstrate – through knowledge and example


    About the WCA

    The World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) is the largest global network of partners, working together to address some of the most pressing issues facing cetaceans and their ocean habitats. For the last decade, the WCA has endeavoured to benefit and protect whales, dolphins, porpoises and their environments around the world.

    We believe that real change comes from working in partnership, whether it’s with individuals, communities, organisations, institutions or governments. Where there is collaboration, there is a shared sense of purpose. By supporting each other, we can safeguard cetaceans and the places they call home, in harmony with the communities they live alongside, for generations to come.


    On World Oceans Day 2013, the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) launched as a fledgling partnership made up of a group of dedicated grassroots NGOs, passionate individuals, and commercial whale watching businesses desperate to make a positive difference for whales and dolphins.

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