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The WCA’s Flagship UK Community Project

We work directly with local communities to ensure marine wildlife is protected and valued throughout the Sussex coast.

The Sussex Dolphin Project (SDP) is WCA’s local initiative that was set up to celebrate the cultural heritage that Sussex has with Dolphins, whilst trying to inspire and excite the local community about conservation issues along the Sussex coast, encouraging human behaviour change that will lead to increasingly sustainable practices.

We aspire to work collaboratively with organisations and individuals who are regular “users” of the Sussex marine environment to create a sightings network, as well as run activities that will lead to the creation of a future generation of ocean conservationists in Sussex.

Our focus..


The Sussex coastline is one of the most poorly studied cetacean habitats (Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises) in England. Yet recently, we have been getting more and more sightings reported to us. Through our citizen science research project, we aim to:

  • Study marine mammals found along the Sussex coastline by documenting sightings and collecting images to identify individuals.
  • Work with local communities to improve awareness about the local of marine ecosystems.
  • Understand the impact we have on the marine environment, particularly plastic pollution.


The Sussex Dolphin Project has designed workshops that take students on an underwater adventure with us, meeting seals, dolphins, seabirds and other local wildlife. Along the way, we will be diving into the depths of the ocean to discover more about the amazing world that these creatures call home, the threats they face and why we need to protect them!

Wildlife Watching Trips

Join the Sussex Dolphin Project on our sunset wildlife cruise to learn about and hopefully see some of our amazing marine wildlife here in Sussex.

Whilst Dolphin sightings this close to shore are rare, you will learn all about our Sussex Dolphins and the other amazing animals living off our beaches, including Seahorses, Sharks, Lobsters, and Fish!

There will be time to view seabirds and listen to underwater sounds, before taking in a unique view of Brighton’s seafront as the sun sets (weather permitting!) behind the West Pier and i360!

Find out about the Sussex Dolphin Project at www.sussexdolphinproject.org


On World Oceans Day 2013 the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) launched as a fledgling partnership made up of a group of dedicated grass roots NGOs, passionate individuals, and commercial whale watching businesses desperate to make a positive difference for whales and dolphins.

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