WCA Approved

The WCA Approved programme verifies responsible whale and dolphin watching tour operators who have demonstrated their ability to meet global standards of care for local wildlife and sustainability.

Responsible experiences

As demand grows for authentic wildlife tourism experiences that focus on animal welfare and conservation, it has never been more important to promote responsible whale and dolphin watching practices.

WCA Approved provides an easy, transparent way for tourists to identify ethical and sustainable tour operators, based on the WCA Global Guidelines for Responsible Whale and Dolphin Watching.

Benefits of being WCA Approved

  • Promotion of WCA Approved operators through the WCA’s Whale Watching Directory, Responsible Whale & Dolphin Watching Brochure, email newsletter, social media, and other channels.
  • Recognition that WCA Approved operators are industry leaders, demonstrating high standards in responsible whale and dolphin watching.
  • Access to a series of practical, user-friendly resources, guides and educational materials based on the WCA’s Global Guidelines.
  • Connections with the tourism industry through the WCA’s growing network.
  • Discount on the WCA’s Marine Guide Training.
  • Opportunities to link with and benefit from the Whale Heritage Area programme and the wider Wildlife Heritage Area programme.
  • Joining the WCA as a Partner.

Application process

1: Self-assessment

Online self-assessment form.

2: Remote video audit

Demonstrate interaction protocols.

3: Evaluation and review

Objective and transparent verification process.

4: Approved status

Improved credibility as a responsible operator.

About the programme

WCA Approved was previously known as WCA Certified. As the programme is undergoing this transition, tour operators that were previously Certified are now undergoing the new process to become Approved.

Contact details

If you would like to find out more about the WCA Approved programme and how to apply, please email: patice.talaue@worldcetaceanalliance.org


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