Update from Dolphin Encountours Research Centre in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique

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The Dolphin Team in the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve in Southern Mozambique are thrilled to announce that, after a long and challenging seven months, we have finally been granted permission to resume operations! Our first encounters back at sea proved productive with sightings of humpback whales traveling south, some of our resident dolphins, and an unusual sighting of a small pod of Pygmy killer whales. This is only the second observation the team has had of this little-known deep-water species. You can read more about the observation here

In-water encounters with our local dolphins of Ponta have been beautiful, with bouts of conscious interaction and circle swimming on the occasions we have entered the water. 

Furthermore, Diana Rocha, the projects research partner was recently elected as the WCA co-ordinator for Sub-Saharan Africa! We look forward to supporting her in the position with WCA as she promotes responsible cetacean based tourism in the region.

We are hoping that the coming months will see an increase of tourism in the area for us to get out onto the water in order to collect data and images of our finned friends. 

If anyone would like to sponsor a research launch in aid of data collection and our long term monitoring project  – please do connect@dolphinencountours.org

The cost to sponsor one research trip is U$150, any support for this project would be greatly appreciated

For the Love of Dolphins,


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