Wildlands (WhaleTime)

Wildlands Conservation Trust is a South African based non-profit conservation organisation with a simple VISION of “A Sustainable Future for All”. Our vision supports our commitment to the stewardship of our natural resources that underpin the well-being, resilience and livelihoods of the communities that partner with Wildlands.

Wildlands implements various programmes, namely, Trees for Life, Greening Your Future, Recycling for Life, uBuntu Earth, Clothes for Life, Conservation SPACE, Sea’s for Life and Khuthaza Business. Despite each programme having separate aims and objectives, each are intrinsically linked, as they have similar geographical operational spaces and are aimed purely at livelihood support within rural and peri-urban communities.

By working at the critical interface between environmental conservation and socio-economic advancement, Wildlands aims to create resilient ecosystems through the development and facilitation of innovative “green-economy” solutions, which promote social inclusiveness and sustainable development. This also allows Wildlands to conserve biodiversity and manage the ecosystems which underpin the welfare of many South African communities. This interconnectivity between local communities and their supporting ecosystems, enables communities to derive direct benefit from the environment, but also ensures it’s long-term conservation.