Whale Wise Eco Tours

Whale Wise Eco Tours offers responsible, silent and eco-friendly whale watching in the west coast of Tenerife. WWET is run by cetacean researchers willing to inspire others to care about whales, dolphins and their habitat.The tours are from an environmentally friendly vessel, full of innovation. This boat is made of recyclable materials, free of toxics and paints, powered by solar energy, and has a desalinization system to reduce fresh water use, among other eco friendly features. On board, our guests enjoy high tech equipment such as: 
– Above and below Action Cameras that synchronize to tablets and phones to follow the whales underwater. 
– Touchscreen with educational material and photo ID catalogues of the animals.
– High speed digital cameras to take professional pictures. 
– Top quality hydrophone system to listen to the whales. 

At WWET whale watching is done with respect and appreciation for cetaceans. It blends tourism with research and conservation. The guests can join the scientists, participate in their research, ask questions, or simply sit back, relax and let nature soak in.