Whale Watch Tenerife

Whale Watch Tenerife is dedicated to respectful whale watching, research and conservation. Located at the Puerto Colón Marina in southern Tenerife, Whale Watch Tenerife offers Marine Biologist led small group and private whale and dolphin watching tours year round.

Our organization is owned and operated by Marine Biologists. Our team has created the first land based cetacean research sightings station where we operate a year round study of whales and dolphins. This adds valuable information about these cetaceans with regards to; species, populations, habitat use and migration.

This sightings information is passed on to the tour boats ensuring our guests the best possible observations of whales and dolphins in Tenerife. We limit the number of people on the tours to just 10 guests to ensure everyone personal attention.

During the tours our Marine Biologists ensure respectful encounters while collecting data on the whales and dolphins including photos for local cetacean ID catalogs. On the tours guests can listen to the whales and dolphins with our hydrophone. We also provide didactic materials for a better educational experience.

During the tours our Guides include discussion on the challenges faced by cetacean populations locally and internationally. It is our goal to create a greater understanding and appreciation of the whales and dolphins while inspiring our guests to support sustainable whale and dolphin watching practices.