Whale Watch Azores

Whale Watch Azores aims to offer clients a high quality whale and dolphin watching experience with a low environmental impact. Animal welfare comes before client satisfaction.We want to whet your appetite to learn more about the oceans, the animals that live in them and the threats they face. We regularly see 6 or 7 species of cetacean, including some of the ocean giants: blue, fin and sperm whales, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Azores. We offer full day tours on a 12m catamaran, “Physeter”, with a maximum group of 12. The tours are a learning experience for everyone and your tour fee funds research aboard, ongoing since 1988.We have been operating tours since 1993 and over the years have acquired a lot of knowledge on how to approach the various species we observe to cause a minimum of disturbance. If we detect signs of disturbance or avoidance, we will not chase the animals. Since our trips are for the whole day, we do not have to race other boats to arrive first; we can take our time. We do not swim with the animals. Identification photographs are taken of several species.These photos enable us to track their long-distance movements. Our marine biologist, Lisa Steiner, discovered movements of female sperm whales between the Azores and Canaries and males between the Azores and Norway. Humpback whales have been matches between the Azores, Cape Verde and Norway. Several blue whales have been identified in multiple years, indicating a preferential migration route.Whale Watch Azores promotes best practice whale watching and urges others to do the same. Without the animals, whale watching would not exist. Put simply, your money helps to ensure that your holiday of a lifetime will be there for the next generation to enjoy.