Vivamar Society

Vivamar is an Ambassador of Dolphins to People. Our mission is to research, educate, and inspire conservation of the last resident common bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the northeast Adriatic. Vivamar is a society active in all of the neighbouring countries of the NE Adriatic Sea: Slovenia, Italy, and Croatia. We connect our research to the people in order to make positive changes and encourage sustainable development of the sea. Dolphins are the main focus but other large marine vertebrates in the local area such as sea turtles and sharks are also important to our studies. These top predators play an essential role in maintaining balance, long term livelihood, and sustainability for the marine ecosystem. In fact, the direct translation of Vivamar is “long live the sea!”

In a great deal of our activities we get help with volunteers, who are very different people in education and mindfulness – from (marine) biology students to PhDs of Veterinary Medicine, from marketing people to enthusiastic people that just want to help. This way Vivamar has a broader social context and is connecting local Dolphin research & knowledge to the local people and beyond.

The whole Istria lives in majority from the tourism. Therefore it’s important to keep natural resources clean, especially the sea where the tourists come in the season. Dolphins are bio-indicators of the ecological state of the sea. In the conditions like too little food or too much nautical disturbance (sound and direct driving into the dolphins), dolphins would potentially displace from the region. This would have a big negative impact on the environmental balance for the entire NE Adriatic. The social context of the existence of the dolphin population is therefore greater. One of the goals is to raise the awareness between people where volunteers play a big part.
Vivamar executes education to the stakeholders of the Dolphin Watching Industry to have a sustainable approach towards the animals when delivering such awesome experience to the tourists as of 2015. With the help of volunteers we execute the awareness, about dolphin importance for the ecosystem, directly to the tourists. This helps that they will be more respectful to the dolphins and will perceive the sea not only as a pleasure for the holidays but also as a home of the whole biota. Especially more so because this part of the Adriatic being so shallow is especially ecologically sensitive.

Furthermore Vivamar makes research in dolphin-fishery interactions and tries to make connections to the fishermen with raising the awareness and mitigating the impact of such interactions. Also here the volunteers play an important role in collaborating directly on the project, actions and help in the research.

We organize “Dolphin Day” for children where parents accompany them and its educative program about dolphin biology and their role in the marine ecosystem. Therefore the mission of Vivamar is to try to keep and save the functionality of the North East Adriatic Sea in a sustainable way.