Looking for an alternative to the progressive decline of the fishing activity in its port and trying to promote economic activities linked to the Sea -sustainable and respectful with the natural environment- the Tourism Area of Santurtzi Town Council, supported by a group of marine naturalists and experts in the material, will make one-day trips for seabirds, whales
and dolphins watching.

We will travel for a day along the different marine ecosystems of our continental platform, as well as the edge of the cantilever, the deep sea gullies, ecosystems very rich in marine biodiversity and where live and feed the great whales, sperm whales, the beaked whale and even the killer whales.

With the intention of reducing the footprint of CO2, we have created a forest of native trees that is enlarged every year – thanks to the participation of schoolchildren from local schools with the necessary funds for their care and conservation and which can be visited.