R&E Ocean Community Conservation

R&E Ocean Community Conservation Foundation was founded to inspire scientists, communities and the general public to work together in protecting and bringing in healthy marine ecosystems, sustainable developments and conservation through co-operation and harmonious quality of life. For us, Research and Education goes hand in hand, as it is both important to find out the scientific bases and to disclose this knowledge to everyone since we all contribute to the preservation, conservation and care of the oceans.

We want to promote marine conservation and management through scientific research, education and public awareness. To do so, we want to do the following: Circulate our valuable information to our collaborators, stakeholders and communities. Help in the development of strong communities, by providing information, knowledge and support to encourage socio-economic sustainability while striving for a healthy marine ecosystem. Build strong alliances to work towards responsible marine activities and a better future for marine habitats through the involvement and support of partners, stakeholders, governments, organizations (NGO’s) and communities. Raise consciousness of the marine habitats encounters’ current threats and provide tools to address them. Inspire and work with students and enthusiastic people through volunteer and school programs. And finally, to always keep learning and expanding our knowledge and experience so that we can help and share with others.