Advocating Wild

Founded in 2020, the Advocating Wild team has worked together since 2013, leading and supporting numerous successful wildlife campaigns and events in Oceania, Asia, Europe, Africa and the United States of America.

Through awareness events, social media, petitions, articles, submissions and boots-on-the-ground efforts, we advocate that wildlife remain in the wild, free from human interference and not held in captivity for the purposes of entertainment or *breeding. 

We actively support protection of the natural environment and believe this is fundamental to keeping wildlife wild, rather than normalising the idea that we save wildlife by removing it from habitat.

We work to hold business owners, authorities, decision-makers and leaders to account. Through direct, transparent and respectful dialogue, our aim is to create positive change for both captive and free-ranging wild animals, with particular focus on marine mammal species. 

We are supported by and often work in partnership with our extensive network of renowned conservationists, animal protection organisations and scientific advisors. 

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