Eagle Wing Whale & Wildlife Watching Tours

Families have a shared purpose, and so it is at Eagle Wing Tours: not only do we strive to create a successful and flourishing business but we also work to become strong advocates on behalf of the (sometimes endangered) wildlife that we encounter. Without pushing an agenda, we discuss with guests the challenges wildlife faces, the issues at play and the strategies for success that we and other stakeholders have discovered.

Eagle Wing Whale & Wildlife Watching Tours provides very responsible tours but by no means is it solely a benefit for tourism. Each year they donate more than $200,000 to non-profits based locally by the Salish Sea.

Because of the many species of whales that visit the Salish Sea, it is a hugely popular area for commercial and recreational visitors. This comes with significant risk to the animals and whilst there are regulations in place, Eagle Wing are involved in research to fully understand the potential impacts of small vessels. This project is one of the many that research from Eagle Wing supports.

They also take part in a number of outreach projects. These include but are not limited to: a 3-week children’s ‘floating classroom’ program with an ongoing creative displace at the BC Museum; salmon habitat restoration and enhancement; and a litter pick named Earth Day Power Hour! Most recently they have raised funds for a ‘sea bin’ that collects floating debris.