E-Ko Tours

At E-Ko, our aim is to increase awareness and appreciation of wildlife, the environment and promote conservation by providing a unique experience on both land and sea with exceptional service that exceeds all customer expectations. We recognise that it is our staff that provide this service. To facilitate staff in providing you with the best possible experience, we as a company take their wellbeing very seriously. To help us achieve this balance, we take inspiration from the Te Whetu (The Star). The concept of Te Whetu was developed as a framework to encompass the five key areas of overall wellbeing. These five areas are; manatu (mind), kaupapa (body), wairua (spirit), whanau (family) and whenua tapui (land).

Manatu (mind) – We encourage free thought, input from staff and proactively help develop staff members’ skill sets and knowledge.

Kaupapa (body) – We encourage staff to have a healthy lifestyle and endeavor to provide a good work/life balance. We compensate staff with fair and clearly structured wages and work with them to achieve their individual goals within the organisation.

Wairu (spirit) – Everyone at E-Ko, prides themselves on contributing to a positive working environment and as an organisation we are always looking for new and innovative ways to make our place of work a happy one that everyone can enjoy and be proud of.

Whanau (family) – At E-Ko we consider ourselves a family and as such care for and look out for each other. We also recognise and respect out staff’s immediate family and their needs within that unit. We actively work towards providing staff with a good work life balance so that they can spend time with their family and loved ones.

Whenua Tapui (land) – As an organisation E-Ko is actively involved in conservation and protection of the land. All our employees are involved with this process in the course of their day-today duties. Beyond this, employees are also provided with unique opportunities to participate in conservation outside the scope of their general duties if they so wish.