Dolphin Encountours

Angie’s Dolphin Center is based in Ponta do Ouro and was founded for the purpose of educational and ethical wild dolphin in-water encountours that would fund the longterm monitoring of the local Dolphins of Ponta when she moved to Mozambique in 1999.  Angie’s love & dedication to the dolphins and citizen science saw the birth of what was to be Africa’s first structured wild dolphin swim program.

We invite you to take the plunge, face your fears & experience something truly magical when coming face to face with wild dolphins; sentient, non-human persons who allow us to experience their true essence of being wild & free while in the company of a small team of conservation orientated individuals who strive to create a safe space for marine mammal encounters to take place in the open ocean. Angie share’s a 21 year bond with the local dolphins having known many of them most of their lives.

We are one of two dedicated dolphin swim facilities in Mozambique and offer research motivated boat based activities which focus on in-water experiences to engage with wild dolphins, on their terms.  We strive to create a space for interspecies engagements to take place offer a unique one on one experience with dolphins that works within the realms of conscious interaction.