Change For Animals Foundation (CFAF) provides tailored expertise and support for organisations, institutions and governments. We also deliver campaigns, advocacy and project-based work. We realise that as well as the importance of leading our own campaigns to improve animal welfare, there is also a need for groups to work in partnership in support of each other. By working in collaboration with local and international NGOs, we can achieve positive and lasting change for animals on a large scale more efficiently and effectively than working in isolation.

Transforming the lives of animals in various countries requires local knowledge and understanding of the culture from within the community, but many animal welfare groups find it difficult to access the resources and the strategic support they need. However, through working partnerships with groups across the world, CFAF can provide input in terms of expertise, research and resources, so that together we can deliver positive change for animals at both the policy level and on the ground. We are proud partners of the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) and active members of the captivity working group section of the WCA.