Bottazzi Whale Watching

It is a family company that dedicates itself to the interpretation of the land, coast, marine and submarine ecosystems of the Peninsula Valdés, that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The company is a tourist operator with 25 years of experience in Patagonia. They dedicate themselves to satisfy the expectations of the clients, offering them a full service, where the conservation of the environment is basic to understand the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Thanks to their years of experience, they have managed to become one of the main companies working in tourism on the Peninsula Valdés.

They are a company offering direct service of whale watching and nautical excursions. The company has his own boats for whale watching from June to December and nautical excursions of the fauna and snorkeling, during summer. Argentinian Navy and The Provincial Tourism Organisation of Chubut take care of these excursions.

Excursions on land, as well as in public as in private services, are offered in their own vehicles.