Bahamas Discovery Quest

Bahamas Discovery Quest is an Adventure Tour Company located on Long Island, Bahamas. Bahamas Discovery Quest offers individual custom tours that include Deep Sea Fishing, Reef Fishing, Snorkeling, a Sea Wildlife Safari, Iguana Tours, Camping and a Discovery Land Tour of Long Island, Bahamas.
The Sea Wildlife Safari is an ecological tour where the search is on for sting ray, manta ray, shark, conch, sea turtle, dolphins, starfish and more. The endangered Bahamian Rock Iguanas located on Sandy Cay are a joy to visit as scientist study their ability to recover on this secluded cay.
Our tours are matched with your preferences and can include an Adventure Cookout out to sea on a secluded cay or at your vacation home or beach on Long Island.
Bahamas Discovery Quest is a conservation oriented company with the ocean, marine life and mangroves at the very heart of who we are and what we do. We hope to offer a glimpse of “real life” nature that can be seen raw and without a group tour…only you and nature. Come and enjoy the beauty of Long Island, Bahamas.