Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari

Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari make it easy to experience the astonishingly abundant wildlife of the beautiful Hauraki Gulf Marine Park.  Our 4.5 hour marine eco-safari offers guaranteed whale and dolphin viewing year-round, departing direct from the Viaduct Harbour in down-town Auckland city.  

But we offer so much more than just whale and dolphin watching.  The privilege of being the only experience of our kind permitted to operate daily within this world-class conservation area has led us to establish New Zealand’s only research-based marine mammal experience.  Our safari combines up-close and personal viewing of whales, dolphins and sea-birds with important Marine Biology and Environmental Sciences research conducted on-board. Allowing the general public the chance to encounter, understand and above-all help protect this incredible resource of marine life.

There’s no need to travel far to enjoy a truly world-class wildlife adventure.  With over a third of the world’s marine-mammal species seen within the area and a marine-mammal viewing rate of over 95%, the amazing Hauraki Gulf Marine Park is one of the best places on the entire planet to see whales and dolphins.  Best of all it’s right on Auckland’s doorstep and waiting for you to explore it!