Atlantic Eco Experience

We have been training ourselves for several years and experiencing the marine environment to come to understand what attracts us and inspires us the most. This passion had to be set through this project called Atlantic Eco Experience which aims at the transmission of knowledge in order to preserve. “To know in order to preserve” is the engine that drives us to generate new synergies in our visitors, offering an experience that helps to assess the biodiversity in general and the marine environment in particular.
The tour will be done in a very comfortable semirigid boat with two decks. We aim at offering the visitor the chance to get involved in an authentic marine environment research activity, minimizing the stress produced over the species studied to the maximum.
Atlantic Eco Experience offers a product based on education, awareness and science. Very small groups (max. 10 people) guided by a
biologist specialized on whales and dolphins.
We have a hydrophone to explain the acoustical behavior o cetaceans and we are also focused on their conservation issues. This way we will imprint a stamp in your mind that may change your life for good.
The technique of approach is always based on the minimum interaction respecting 100% the natural behavior of the animals turning
completely off the engines when they are around and never chasing them.
Scientific workshop on board guided by experts in small groups.