WCA partners with Seably to protect whales from ship strikes

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The World Cetacean Alliance is thrilled to announce that our ‘Becoming ‘’Whale Aware’’ online training course will now be helping even more maritime professionals to reduce the risk of ship strikes, thanks to a new partnership with Seably!

About Seably

Seably, which launched the course on their site earlier this month, is an award-winning, DNV-approved, digital training platform for the maritime industry with accessible courses available on and offline to upskill seafarers to keep them safe and increase their performance.

Jessica Süßmilch, Head of Content at Seably, said: “As global citizens, we all are responsible for understanding and taking care of the wider world. This is why we are hopeful that every one of the seafarers using the Seably digital training platform will take the WCA’s ‘Becoming ‘Whale Aware’’ training course. We are proud to be part of such an important cause and hope our clients and their seafarers will join us and the WCA to save some of the most vulnerable and critically endangered species of whales in our seas.”

Right whale mother with ship strike injuries. Photo by Fabien Vivier, Murdoch University, Australia, taken under research permit.

How our training makes a difference

‘Becoming ‘Whale Aware’’ is our world-first training course designed to support commercial vessel operators of all kinds to avoid accidental collisions with whales, also known as ship strikes.

Commercial vessels often pass through areas where whales and dolphins feed, mate, give birth or travel, with potentially disastrous consequences. Ship strikes are even driving some species, like the North Atlantic right whale, towards extinction.

By encouraging operators to reduce vessel speed – one of the key elements covered in the course for avoiding fatal collisions with whales – the training also has several additional benefits for the climate and marine environment, such as reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution.

Harry Eckman, CEO of the WCA said: “The WCA is thrilled to be working with Seably to host our Becoming ‘Whale Aware’ course on their training platform. Partnering with Seably allows us to reach tens of thousands of seafarers, providing them with knowledge and training that can potentially save the lives of thousands of whales. We are incredibly grateful to Seably for helping us to educate so many maritime professionals and making a vital difference toward the protection of whales worldwide.”

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