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The last few months have seen the launch of Love the Oceans’ Turtle Patrol Team! It’s the first ever Turtle Patrol Team in the Jangamo District and is made up of indigenous community members only. Pascoal Nhamussua, Mario Guilamba and Bento Nhamussua patrol the beaches of Jangamo everyday checking for Loggerhead and Leatherback turtle nests. So far they’ve identified and posted guards at 4 different nests: three loggerheads and one leatherback. Whilst poaching turtles in Mozambique is illegal, it still happens regularly so the protection of these nests is essential to ensuring hatchling survival!

Pascoal, head of the Turtle Patrol Team, has employed 12 guards – 3 on each nest on 8 hour shifts, and between them these guards support over 50 family members with their income, making this an essential source of income that not only helps the turtles, but the locals also!

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