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Clive Martin is an Individual Lifetime Partner and also runs the UK charity, Orca Rescues Foundation (ORF). Here Clive explains their latest achievements.

Part of our role is to support organisations that are working on the frontline to end the captivity of not only Orca, but other cetaceans as well.

We have always acknowledged that Sanctuaries will play a major role in this process particularly as a number of captivity institutions are wishing to place their cetaceans into the care of sanctuaries where they might be able to have a more fulfilling life than they experienced in blue painted tanks!

The Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary (AMLS) is on the island of Lipsi and is in the final stages of setting up a truly Gold Standard facility. Many of you will remember the great presentation that Anastasia Miliou, Scientific Director of Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation gave to the Durban World Whale Conference highlighting their Sanctuary project.

You can see what the AMLS are all about in this short video.

ORF and our supporters have been very proud to support the sanctuary with funding to enable ongoing development of the Veterinary Clinic, and recently AMLS approached us to help with the procurement of specialist stretchers to assist with the transport of injured dolphins and pinnipeds

back to the sanctuary so they might receive medical help and recuperation, as well as possible lifetime care if they require it.

A team effort commenced and Wendy van Gool, an Individual Partner of WCA worked with David Schofield of The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) as the designer, and then Wendy approached JW Automarine, Ltd, based in Norfolk ,UK, to manufacture the stretchers.

ORF was able to fund this project and also the transport costs to the Greek Island of Lipsi.

Charities such as ours have been financially challenged by the recent global pandemic but we hope that better times are around the corner and we can continue with our efforts to support all the wonderful organisations such a AMLS with their work.

I hope that all WCA Partners have been able to weather the storm and that blue skies and calm oceans are just around the corner!

You can also watch the full 7 minute video on the Waterbear Platform.

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