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WCA Partner Raggy Charters have recently been running regular full day tours to Bird Island, in the Eastern corner of Algoa Bay and it looks like this forgotten treasure is incredibly rich in species!

In just one day, the team has encountered a range of species. The day started with the largest of the mollymawks – the Shy Albatross. 
Followed by many penguin bait balls and six great white sharks that ranged in sizes from 2.8m to 4m in length that approached the boat! The team managed to photograph the different individuals as well as their distinctive markings. Not only an incredible sighting, but also a great contribution to science.

Throughout the day, the team was also able to observe mating Humpback whales, Cape Gannets, various Tern species, Cape Cormorants and Kelp Gulls! To finish off, a pod of 200 Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins surfed in the waves.

It is awe inspiring to see these species thriving in these waters, that were declared part of the Addo Marine Protected Area! You can read more about the tour day here

A Great White shark taking a curiosity in the tour boat

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