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Five Star Whale Watching had a fantastic encounter with T10’s Transient Orcas – T10 Langara (♀ 1963) and T10C Bones (♂ 1999). These individuals were found powerfully hunting and punting seals near Sidney Island (North East of Victoria, BC)!

Andrew Lees, president of Five Star Whale Watching, describes how witnessing this outstanding moment felt like!

We had been on scene for less than 10 minutes when the two Orcas began hunting Harbor Seals near the rocks and Kelp beds. Suddenly, we observed T10C “Bones” turn onto his back and then punt a seal 40-50 feet in the air with his tail!”

”Everyone on our vessel was astonished as we witnessed this breathtaking display of the raw power of these Apex predators. In my many years as a Captain and Marine Naturalist, this was one of my most incredible sights. The Orcas then devoured the poor Seal and continued to hunt and play around for another 40 minutes”.

”It was an unforgettable experience and I was amazed that I managed to capture the moment on camera as it happened so quickly”. 

For more information on WCA Partner Five Star Whale Watching, visit their website HERE.

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