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”The Education Action” group of the WCA has recently sent a survey to WCA Partners to explore what educational activities the Partners run.

When asked – “One thing”: If you could choose one thing for people to better understand about whales and their oceans environment, what would it be?”, the answers included:

1. Interdependence of Ocean Ecosystems

”That we are all reliant on the oceans’

– Jake, Raggy Charters

“How they link to the rest of the ocean – i.e how NB they are to ocean health, that they are a keystone species and are incredibly valuable in carbon sequestration” 

– Rachel Kramer, Wildtrust

“We are all connected and impacted by what takes place on Earth”

– Ian Rowlands, Incredible Oceans

“That human intervention is needed in order for whales not only to survive but thrive. The state of our oceans is directly related to us humans and we need to look after and preserve them in doing so will be a direct benefit to whales and other cetaceans and marine life“

– Josh Thomson, Whale and Dolphin Tours Durban

2. Issues Regarding Pollution, Plastic, etc.

“How even things we do when we are far away from oceans- plastic use, energy use, etc. can all negatively impact whales and their habitats”

– Mackenzie Blevins

3. The Need for Responsible Whale Watching

“That we are visitors in their world and must always be respectful“

– Andrew Lees, Five Star Whale Watching

4. Various Attributes of Whales

E.g. social, have cultures, have emotions, are sentient, etc.

5. Knowledge about Whale Strandings

“Don’t assume you know what to do if you discover a stranded whale or dolphin. Call for help”

– Daren Grover, Project Jonah

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