A conservation first for Mozambique Island: Tourism operators join forces to protect Humpback Whales!

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Words from Ilha Blue Island Safaris

Ilha Blue Island Safaris have had a breakthrough with accommodation providers on Ilha de Moçambique – it’s a conservation first for the island! We have joined forces to protect the Humpback whales that visit Ilha every year to mate and give birth in the warm tropical waters.

Ilha Blue Island Safaris is the only accredited Responsible Whale Watching operator in the northern region of Mozambique and, as such, is the only operator with the knowledge, skills and training to deliver an exceptional and responsible whale watching experience. With much lobbying, accommodation providers now recognise the precious asset whale watching represents and understand that it is essential to protect it for future generations. To this end, they have pledged their support by only recommending Ilha Blue for anyone looking to go whale watching on Ilha de Moçambique.

At Ilha de Moçambique you have the unique opportunity to see the mothers and new babies together.

“Sometimes we can see the mother carrying her baby, lifting it up out of the water to help it breathe or just so the baby can rest”.

Gail Woods – Ilha Blue Island Safaris

Ilha Blue is one of only two operators in all of Mozambique who are certified by the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) as an accredited Responsible Whale Watching operator. The other certified operator is Dolphin Encountours Reserach Center, based in Ponta D’Ouro in the south of Mozambique.

A special aspect of whale watching with Ilha Blue is sailing out to the whales on traditional dhows.

“That way we hear only the wind in the sail, the sea lapping at the side and the sound of the whales as they blow, or sing, or the whoosh of the water as they breach, leaping right out of the sea”.

“We really want as many Mozambicans as possible to experience whale watching. It can be a life-changing event; we want the welfare of the whales to be in the hearts and minds of Mozambicans for our future. Once you see these amazing, majestic creatures you never forget them”.

Abdurremane – tour coordinator and expert whale spotter.

This season Ilha Blue have been the only operator on the water so far. Being able to be with the mothers, calves and their escorts everyday without having to worry about inappropriate behaviour from other boats is a bliss.

There has never been a better time to see the whales!

Watch this incredible footage of a whale watching trip with Ilha Blue Isand Safaris between the World Heritage listed, Mozambique Island and Ilha de Goa. Here, you can see the mighty 16th century Fortaleza de São Sebastião in the background!

For more information on WCA Partner Ilha Blue Island Safaris, visit their website HERE.

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