The Moby Project – The only Whale that should eat Plastic!

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Work has begun on an exciting new project in a collaboration between the Nantucket Department of Public Works and WCA partner Marine Mammal Alliance Nantucket to design and produce a statement sculpture with more than meets the eye.

The sculpture will be formed in the image of the famous sperm whale Moby and will be both functional and an eye catching statement on the issue of marine litter and its impact on the marine environment.

The artist Billy Sherry has already begun work on the Moby piece. Below you will see how the installation is progressing and the design plans of what to expect when it is finished.

You can find more details on the project HERE.

For more information on WCA Partner Marine Mammal Alliance Nantucket visit their website: https://nantucketmarinemammals.squarespace.com/

Project abstract

Artists around the world have created captivating sculptures to raise awareness of the growing problem of marine litter and pollution. In this vein, we collaborated with the Nantucket Department of Public Works and the Marine Mammal Alliance Nantucket to design a functional public sculpture in the image of a sperm whale called Moby. This iconic sculpture will serve as an attractive receptacle for trash and recyclables and encourage people to collect and dispose of coastal litter found on the beach. The Moby project will spread awareness of the impact litter has on the marine environment and its wildlife through informational signage, local outreach, and the symbolic image of marine litter filling the body of a whale. 

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