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Words: Five Star Whale Watching

Through the challenging months of the pandemic, Five Star has remained committed to providing educational tools, advocacy resources and hope through nature to the community. Through our willingness to preserve, remain strong and support our friends and partners, we have accomplished resiliency and adaptation in the last months.

As always, our commitment to educate and foster love for the marine environment remains at the core of our business – from celebrating World Oceans Day, World Environment Day and Earth Day digitally, to sharing our past experiences on the water with the public, we recognise just how special it is to have the involvement with the marine environment which we do. To our excitement, a photo of ours was featured in a CTV News Article discussing ocean recovery. Five Star was also thrilled and humbled to welcome an award for “Leading Pioneers for Marine Eco-Tourism-British Colombia” from Business Excellence Awards this June. We remain committed to respecting our fellow neighbours and citizens of this planet, and vow to promote kindness and inclusion in all that we do.

This month is Orca month, and we’ve been active with promoting actions from organisations such as the Centre for Whale Research. They are continuing important work in their fight for the Southern Resident Killer Whales and the recovery of their prey, Chinook Salmon.

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As we have not been able to physically explore our beautiful marine environments, we have been helping our digital community to explore and learn about these areas and species virtually with an active social media presence. With virtual wildlife clips and weekly social media events such as #WhaleWednesday and #WildlifeoftheWeek, we are constantly evolving to provide interesting and educational content in our missions to help the ocean. We ourselves have been active with following sightings reports (although limited for all right now) to stay informed and bring the current state of wildlife to eager listeners.

Addressing threats to local eco-systems

Issues in our region threaten the well-being of our natural environments. We recently voiced concern over the proposed extension of the Deltaport in the heart of the Fraser River estuary, that would hinder an already at-risk ecosystem. We remain passionate about educating others in the reality and benefits of educational and respectful whale-watching. We remain focused on promoting facts regarding the current status of the Southern Resident Killer Whales and the contrast between them and the thriving Biggs’ Killer Whales and Humpback Whales. We look forward to operating again on the water and work to grow our educational and conservation message through the evolution of all means listed above.

Find out more about Five Star Whale Watching on their website: https://www.5starwhales.com/

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