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It’s always great to get to know the WCA Partners a little better. This month, WCA founding Partner Clive Martin sent us a little sneak peak into his life and introduced his wife who is putting up with him during his lockdown in the pandemic 😉

Clive has been a WCA Partner from the very start and had the pleasure of meeting many other partners at the Hervey Bay Conference, as well as all of the other World Whale Conferences.

“I run Orca Rescues Foundation which supports the front line of Scientists and Organisations that work to stop captivity of cetaceans. ORF has a particular interest in the formation of Gold Standard Sanctuaries such as that on the Greek island of Lipsi …. the work put into this sanctuary by The Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary is amazing and we thus try to support both financially and morally.

Pam my wife of 50 years puts up with me and all of my work and travels .
I read about the fantastic work that all partners undertake BUT would like to put faces to your emails… so I start this off in the hopes you will follow with your photos!”

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