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We know that the Covid-19 global pandemic has brought all kinds of challenges to our partners, as it has done to our team here at the WCA. We truly believe however, that we will come through this stronger than ever and we wanted to get insights from our network on how they are all facing this difficult period.

Our partners make the WCA what it is after all! So we reached out and the response has been wonderful, with so many inspiring and uplifting voices. Here are some highlights, covering practical tips, as well as lots of positivity boosts. Thank you so much for everyone who took part. Enjoy!

  • “Be strong and be positive” – Elisa Arcangeli, Whale Watch Tenerife SL
  • “We are in this together and we will get through this together. Be open-minded and prepared for a new way of life afterwards” – Helga du Preez, Sodurba Community Tourism Organisation
  • “Hang in there! Take the time to catch up on projects that have been on the back burner, but take time for yourselves as well” – Whale Watch Azores
Helga du Preez and the Sodurba team in Durban, South Africa © Sodurba
  • “These are tough and unprecedented times … Reach out to your colleagues, staff, customers and partners, you are not alone. Take care, stay safe! Together we will get through this” – Andrew Lees, Five Star Whale Watching
  • “Think of this as the only time that you will get to have nothing else to do than think how you can do things better in the future. For example you can work on:  Better guidelines for the crew.  Better workflow.  Better safety procedures.  Build up content for you website and social media. Reorganise your photo collection so it is more accessible. Find out you how you can make your boats be more secure for your guests. Make better information about the Cetaceans for your guests and employees. Use the time to make you company a better company, don´t waste the time in depression; we are all in this together. Our companies will then be better to visit, better to work for, and more profitable” – Rannveig Gretarsdottir, Elding Whale Watching
Humpback whale against the midnight sun in Iceland © Elding Whale Watching
© A Whale’s Song Expeditions
  • “One upside is we have more time to sharpen our tools and share creative ways we offer value and enchantment to our guests” – Neil McDermott, A Whale’s Song Expeditions
  • “Go ahead! This is only a bad time. The future is so bright that we’ll need sunglasses to look at it” – Ángel Aragón, White Tenerife
  • “This pandemic should be seen as a warning from nature and that can happen when there is too much pressure on natural resources. In these weeks of interruption in commercial flights, in automobile traffic and in industry, they are already showing benefits for nature. If all of us, as individuals, or as companies, operate in a sustainable manner, respecting nature and wildlife, we can ensure a better future for generations to come. We will see this as a possible reinforcement, which will give more strength to all those who do whale watching responsibly, and to all those who make promoting, promoting and enhancing their daily and fundamental mission!” – Luis Barcelos, Atlantiangra Whale Watching
  • “We will all come out of it much stronger . . . as long as we all stand together.” – Lloyd Edwards, Raggy Charters
© Lloyd Edwards, Raggy Charters

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