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Clive Martin, of Orca Rescues, had not one but TWO extraordinary sighting while on vacation in New Zealand recently!

While boating into Picton, the ferry experienced a delay and Clive was forced to spend the night in this small and lovely town on the other side of the world to his home in the UK.

The next morning, while wandering the streets, who should Clive run into but Paul Keating, a fellow WCA Partner and owner of the E-Ko tours, a local whale and dolphin watching company!

Not only does Paul run E-Ko tours but he is also making huge strides to protect young Kiwi populations in the area. This turned out to be a stroke of luck, as Paul invited Clive out on a skipper, albeit in stormy and grey weather. However, they were forced to dock at a small island and on the way back from the outing, Clive spotted two different types of Dolphin, the Hector’s Dolphin and the Dusky Dolphin! Both new species for Clive’s sightings list! 

Dusky dolphin, photo taken by Clive Martin on a tour with Eko-Tours in Picton, New Zealand

But that wasn’t the end of it for Clive, on the way back he ran into another passenger who had recognised Clive from the WCA World Whale Conference that had been hosting earlier that month in Hervey Bay, Australia! 

The wide ranging international network of eco tour guides is one that will keep enriching all of our members, time and time again. When you happen to run into a fellow WCA member across the world, make sure to take to the seas together, you never know what you might see!

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