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The driving force behind all the WCA projects and campaigns are our partners. So we thought we would give an insight in how you can be active as a partner within the WCA. These are the experiences of Sharyn Taylor.

Sharyn Taylor is the co-chair of the Campaigns Working Group and member of the Global Council. She has been a very active and passionate partner of the WCA for the past 6 years.

“I’ve been a partner of the WCA for almost 6 years now along with my Aussie and US colleagues, Jacquie, Jackie and Jane. We were inspired to become partners at the WCA because of its unique collaborative approach to protecting Whales and Dolphins everywhere. 

The WCA brings together Whale Watch Operators, NGO’s, researchers, scientists, artists and grass roots individual advocates from around the planet. We sign up not just as members but as partners with a common goal, where we are able to use our collective voice to bring about real and lasting change for cetaceans.

At the time we became partners, the WCA (along with other stakeholders) had just catalysed Richard Branson’s landmark commitment to focus on the issue of cetaceans in tourism.

The Virgin Pledge, in my opinion was a tipping point; the beginning of the revolution we are seeing across the travel industry today.

As a small grass roots group of individuals, joining the Alliance allowed us to play a role in that achievement and the many achievements that have followed. It gave us a louder voice on a global scale and the opportunity to have a say on decisions and alliance campaign directions.

Becoming partners also provided us the ability to access a wealth of collective knowledge and experience, assisting us in achieving our own individual and team goals. 

My groups focus, specifically raising awareness about cetacean captivity, was taken to a whole other level through the connections we’ve made and with the support of the WCA and its partners.

We’ve seen a lot of changes as the WCA has grown over the past 6 years and from a personal perspective, I feel I’ve grown along with it – and because of it too.

My involvement in most of the WCA’s working groups, Global Council and assisting to coordinate our last two World Whale Conferences has been challenging, but has opened doors, helped to broaden my knowledge, my confidence and enhanced my skills in so many ways.

Jacquie, Jackie, Jane and I have gained an incredible network of ‘cetacean people’ without whom, what we have achieved in our work may not have been possible – we have certainly become well connected!

What I like about the WCA most I think, is that we run on a shoestring and go about our business quietly.  We don’t beat our chests or rake in donations; yet we get the job done and achieve the most amazing things together – one voice for cetaceans, the World over.”

If you would like to support the work of the WCA you can do so by donating here, volunteering or becoming a partner yourself. For more information send a message to admin@worldcetaceanalliance.org or contact us via our contact form

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