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The World Whale Conference and ORRCA to Provide Marine Mammal Rescue Training in Hervey Bay, Queensland

In a collaboration with ORRCA (Organisation for the Research and Rescue of Cetaceans in Australia) and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, the World Cetacean Alliance is delighted to announce the delivery of a comprehensive Marine Mammal Incident Response training workshop in Hervey Bay this October.

The training course, scheduled for Saturday 12 October 2019, will be the concluding event for the World Whale Conference, co-hosted by Fraser Coast Tourism and Events that will take place from 7-11 October, 2019.

Australia is a country all too familiar with whale and dolphin strandings and currently plays a leading role in the development of marine mammal rescue techniques.

Every year, ORRCA works with rescue groups worldwide to ensure that their methods include the latest and most efficient techniques.  ORRCA President, Jacqueline O’Neill says, “ORRCA works tirelessly each year with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, as well as other government agencies, at hundreds of marine mammal incidents. With the support and fantastic efforts of our trained volunteers, we have a high success rate at these rescues and incidents. We also train many members of these government agencies in marine mammal rescue, and are proud that this often results in efficient and well coordinated responses.”

ORRCA is leading the way in developing more effective ways to rescue whales and other marine mammals and is the most experienced marine mammal rescue organisation in Australia.

Whale rescue training. Copyright ORRCA Leigh Mansfield

The ORRCA training will be a one-day course with theory and lectures in the morning at the Beach House Hotel, 344 Charlton Esplanade Scarness and followed by practical exercises in the afternoon on the beach opposite the hotel.*

Training workshops ensure that new members are well prepared, covering biology, first aid and care as well as practical training to introduce members to the unique pressures of a whale stranding incident. Training will enable volunteers to attend incidents when requested, as new ORRCA members.

Dylan Walker, CEO at the World Cetacean Alliance said, “We are delighted to collaborate with ORRCA and the Queensland Government to bring this vital training opportunity to the Hervey Bay Community. Unfortunately whale and dolphin stranding and entanglement incidents are on the rise globally. This is particularly true for coastal communities along whale migration routes such as the east coast of Australia, where whale populations are also increasing. The public interest in these events is also escalating and we are increasingly seeing untrained public interventions that are not always in the best interests of the animals and can be extremely dangerous for humans.”

“To empower the community with a greater understanding as to why authorities and rescue organisations respond to these situations in the way that they do, combined with expert ORRCA training enabling the skills and confidence required to be a first responder, is a win-win for everyone.”

Copyright ORRCA Jools Farrell

If you would like to enrol to attend this workshop please visit www.worldwhaleconference.org  or click on the following link: https://www.trybooking.com/BFOGT 

Limited places are available, so be sure to book today!

Tickets and sponsorship opportunities are also available for the World Whale Conference #WorldWhale2019

For further information or to obtain media passes please contact: admin@worldwhaleconference.org                                                                         

or phone workshop coordinator Sharyn Taylor on 0417389955 

*Pending beach conditions, which will be determined on the day.

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