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WCA Partner Ilha Blue requires volunteers in August and September with whale knowledge and/or whale watching experience combined with enthusiasm, good communication skills and interest in community development.

Ilha Blue operate a small community focused tourism business on the UNESCO World Heritage listed island – Ilha De Mozambique. During August and September we organize sailing trips out to observe the humpback whale migration and breeding activity.

Their business aims to create employment opportunities for local people within the growing tourism industry. They have been operating for 8 years and in 2017 our efforts were recognised internationally when they won ‘GOLD’ in the African Responsible Tourism Awards “Best for engaging people and culture”.

For volunteers they have 2 rooms, both with private ensuite bathroom. One room in the main house the other with separate entrance from the garden. Food provided is wholesome natural breakfast everyday and a big lunch 6 days a week. This is generally sufficient with perhaps a light snack at own expense in the evening.

Because they are a tourism business they can offer unlimited activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, sailing on our traditional dhow, bike riding etc. Volunteers could also immerse themselves in the local culture, the island has a very lively social scene that centres around the streets in the evening and regular events like festivals, sports and cultural ceremonies. Also because they deal with visitors from all over the world you will never be short of opportunities to make new friends.

During the month of July they already have the services of two volunteers with expertise in communications. They will reach out through digital networks to educate visitors about responsible whale watching before they arrive, and also produce materials for visitors to read once they get here. There’s also a plan to create a whale festival in July as a part of the South East African humpback migration promotion strategy (known as S.E.A.Whales) in collaboration with other operators along the route from South Africa all the way to Kenya.

If you would like to contribute to our responsible whale watching program and the broader conservation goals please contact pete@ilhablue.com.

Ilha Blue normally attract volunteers through the www.workaway platform and potential volunteers can go there to learn more about us and read our reviews.


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