Training for bottlenose dolphins encounters in Croatia

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Vivamar Society is one of WCA’s newest partners, whose name directly translates as ‘long live the sea!’. Their mission is to research, educate and inspire conservation of the last resident bottlenose dolphins in the northeast Adriatic. Vivamar is the only organisation active in all the neighbouring countries of the northeast Adriatic Sea: Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. Vivamar connects their research to people to make positive changes and encourage sustainable development of the sea.

This month Vivamar organised a training day for captains of Dolphin Watching Boats on the Code of Conduct in place for encounters with bottlenose dolphins in Istria, Croatia.

Vivamar is proud to be have been able to conduct this training and to provide this opportunity for operators in the area, as the number of Dolphin Watching Boats increases year on year. Currently the activity is unregulated, and therefore it is imperative to conduct this kind of awareness training.

Within the training Vivamar combined information on the WCA Responsible Whale Watching Guidance and provided examples of best practice from other parts of the world and the recommendations that are in place.

Vivamar believes introducing sustainable ways of observing dolphins is key to the future management of these last resident dolphins.

The WCA couldn’t agree more and is proud to welcome Vivamar Society as a partner.

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