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UK based WCA partner Yorkshire Life Aquatic C.I.C. use art & performance to connect the public with issues such as captivity and ocean plastics. They have just finished phase one of The Human Aquarium project. An exhibition using Mermaids in place of cetaceans, to gently look at the issues that surround keeping marine mammals captive in marine parks.

They took over an empty shop in a Yorkshire shopping centre and transformed it into an aquarium inspired interactive exhibition. They used sculptures and installations made from single use plastics and thought provoking photographic images, films to create a sensory and child friendly space for visitors to explore.

Over the 12 day exhibition in February they had a massive 7642 visitors to the space also running creative workshops using recycled materials and a sold out night of environmental talks featuring another WCA partner Love the Oceans.

Lucy from Yorkshire Life Aquatic said “It was amazing to see so many people coming to see the exhibition and how they connected with the issues raised within it, we wanted to create something playful and beautiful to inspire curiosity. It is especially relevant in land-locked cities such as Leeds as people may simply not think about these issues”.

The exhibition proved to be a major success and YLA are looking forward to starting the 2nd phase of the project as well as hopefully bringing a scaled down version of it to the WCA Whale Conference in Australia this October. “An inspiring, resourceful and wonderful exhibition that will make us think of what to do to save our world. Thank you.” “Beautifully made with an important (and depressing) message. Lets hope this awareness raising causes individual action.” “What an AMAZING exhibition/ installation. It had a beautiful energy and felt mysterious and it makes serious points that really make me think about the environment and the impact we humans are having on our oceans. Much better and more effective than preaching with a public information leaflet.” “Those eyes will haunt me.” “We had so much flipping fun and it really opened our eyes to what is going on.” Funded by Arts Council England

Twitter @HumanAquariumUK

Web: humanaquarium.co.uk

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