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In 2017 Andrew Jones from WCA partner Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures helped orca campaigner Mercedes Herandez fulfil her dream of seeing orcas in the wild. Now a video report by Michael Altenhenne tells her story and her fight for orcas in captivity.

Andrew was introduced to Mercedes in 2017 by his friend and videographer Michael. Mercedes is the mother of the orca trainer Alexis Martinez who died in 2009 from an attack by an orca during a rehearsal at Loro Parque in Tenerife. Mercedes is now committed to ending cetacean captivity. It was her dream to see orcas in the wild.

Mercedes joined Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures in 2017 to kayak with wild orcas. Andrew says ‘We are honoured that we could be part of her story and to support Mercedes in her fight to have orcas released from captivity’.

Now in January 2019 Michael has released his video report about Mercedes and her story. We hope you watch this short documentary and learn more about Mercedes, her son, and orca captivity.

Please note that this was filmed in 2017 before the change in Canadian whale watching regulations to 200 metres for orcas from the previous 100 metres. Even so, some of this video was filmed closer than 100 metres from the orcas. At Kingfisher we do not attempt to get this close to the whales and try our best to stay out of their way so they behave naturally. However, on this particular day we were watching one family of whales when another family swam behind us and then a third family joined in. They all changed direction and before we knew it we were surrounded by over 50 orcas for over an hour as they socialized. This was a very special day for all involved but definitely not a typical day.

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