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Angie Gullan from WCA Partner Dolphin Encountours gives an update from Mozambique of the last couple months of 2018:

‘During the month of December the Dolphin Team in the Ponta Do Ouro Marine Reserve in Mozambique undertook 38 launches to sea with volunteers and visitors. Over the month 41 observations were made, mostly of our local Dolphins of Ponta, the Indo Pacific Bottlenose as well as 5 sightings of the shy humpback dolphins, one sighing of spinners and one lone humpback whale!

In-water observations occurred 59% of the time and comprised mostly of C class interactions (34%) which included bouts of conscious interaction and circle swimming.

Our first official beach clean-up took place on the 19th of January, when a convoy lead by the Ponta Do Ouro Marine Reserve left the launch site with some 50  helping hands. Operators, resorts, residents, visitors and government set out with one mission, to remove as much plastic as possible off our beaches. Volunteers filled 98 Bags that had a final weigh in of 670kg! While undertaking the beach clean-up volunteers came across a live stranding of a bottlenose dolphin. At 08:10 Reserve Monitors Alvero and Moses together with Sabrina Sykes from Dolphin Encountours Research Center attempted to re-float the little dolphin while trying to establish if there was a pod of dolphins in close proximity. With no dolphins around and a roughening sea it was decided that Janine together with DERC volunteer Inga and the Reserve were to transport the dolphin to Angie Gullan in Ponta Do Ouro. Sadly the little female who had a defined indentation behind her skull which some researches believe to be an indicator of poor health died during an attempt to find an adoptive female. Relevant measurements and blubber samples were taken. Her body has been buried and her skeleton will later be used in an educational display. Special thanks to the people on site who assisted.

On a more positive note at the end of November well known dolphin Bo was seen with a new calf. See the header image!

Swimming into 2019 we have volunteer and internship placements available and for those that are not able to invest so much time, we have 4/5 night Dolphin Encountours available as well as a number of exciting holistic retreats lined up.’

Please visit their website for more info!


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