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In early December the team at World Cetacean Alliance HQ and Brighton Dolphin Project paired up to explore the shores of Brighton along the south coast of England. Just a stone’s (or rather a pebble!) throw from the Office the teams held a Christmas Bioblitz – a marine mission to discover all of the amazing wildlife they could find on Brighton beach in just one hour!

Led by WCA CEO Dylan Walker, our intrepid marine investigators were able to locate and identify a whole host of wild and wonderful fish, birds, crustaceans, invertebrates, plant life, grasses and mosses – the list was endless.

All of this was found on Brighton beach. Back at the Brighton Dolphin Project HQ, the team researched, identified and recorded all the different species they had found.

The Bioblitz really resonated with what the Brighton Dolphin Project is all about: to discover the incredible life found on the Sussex coast and what we can do to protect it for future generations.

The seas around the UK are really one of the world’s greatest nature reserves, even more diverse than what you would see on a safari in the African savannh. But, many local people in Brighton do not realise that beneath the surface is an entire ecosystem full of marine life that needs protecting, and that includes dolphins and porpoises.

Being based on the seafront the Brighton Dolphin Project has a unique place in this coastal community, by engaging with local people and tourists, and inspiring them to take action to support marine conservation.

It is also an opportunity to promote the WCA and its partners, and their work to protect cetaceans around the world.

The team at BDP have lots of exciting plans over the next few months that will continue to emphasise what the BDP and WCA represents, a world where cetaceans are respected and live in harmony with people.

Simon McPherson – Brighton Dolphin Project Coordinator.

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