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Renowned documentary maker Simon Reeve made a surprise visit dropping in at the office of Rocio Espada, marine biologist for WCA Partner Dolphin Adventure Gibraltar. The interview was featured in the 4th episode of Simon’s latest documentary called ‘Mediterranean with Simon Reeve’. Simon’s epic journey around the Med highlighted many environmental issues in the countries surrounding it including the many challenges dolphins are now facing.

Crossing into the Straits of Gibraltar, Rocio shows Simon a mixed pod of striped and common dolphins, with calves, in the backdrop of one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. 100 000 ships pass through the narrow 9-mile-wide Straits annually where dolphins and whales survive dodging the ferries, container ships and oil tankers. Common dolphin populations have declined by 50% in the Med since the 1960’s. After 5 hours of filming with Rocio, a mere 15 minutes was featured in the episode.

While discussing the many issues faced by the dolphins feeding in the Straits which include starvation due to over fishing, fishing line entanglement, plastics to mention a few, and to the euphoric delight of Simon, Rocio spots a fin whale and her calf.

What Simon didn’t perhaps cover sufficiently in the documentary were that the main threats facing cetaceans in the Mediterranean are bycatch, pollution and habitat degradation.

A part of the documentary can be watched on Facebook this link:


No access to Facebook? the whole episode can be viewed on Daily Motion or start at 18 minutes:



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