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March: Saw the restructure of the way Whale Heritage Site scheme can be funded making it more accessible for sites.

April: Brazil announced a historic move to protect more than 350,000 square miles of ocean. The Brighton Dolphin Project is launched and Scott Leonard from partner Marine Mammal Alliance Nantucket was interviewed for Nantucket Community Television.

May: The Bluff, Durban, South Africa becomes a Whale Heritage Site candidate. WCA welcomes colleagues from WOAH to the Secretariat in Brighton, UK. Rampion Offshore Wind provide funding for Brighton Dolphin Project.

June: Partner Happywhale worked with a film crew on an upcoming documentary about whales, whale science and human interaction. Partner Jonian Dolphin Conservation report sightings of common dolphins in the Ionian Sea, their first since 2016.

July: Could Iceland’s BIG case of mistaken identity end whaling? How the killing of a rare hybrid blue-fin whale caused shock waves of outcry. Marine Mammal Alliance Nantucket introduced its new contemporary display ‘20th Century Whaling, to Save the Whales, to a New Era’ while WhaleTime was hoping to get to know the Cape Vidal humpback whales a little better.

August: Partners Sharyn Taylor and Wendy van Gool met in Hervey Bay, Australia to begin plans for the 2019 World Whale Conference. WCA sends a letter to several Icelandic Government Officials calling for an end to whaling.

September: Happywhale launched a new photo identification guide for Southern Ocean whales. Raggy Charters provides a summary of the humpback whale migration underway in South Africa and Instituto Baleia Jubarto provided a summary of the 67th International Whaling Commission meeting held in Brazil.

October: Clive Martin recounts a recent trip to the Isle of Skye and uncovers a mysterious skeleton. The first humpback whale calves were seen in Algoa Bay, South Africa, and Jared Towers gave a summary of a recent paper published on orca and sperm whale in the Southern Ocean.

November: Cetacean Society International added nine new humpback whales to its adoption programme. Happywhale launched a new automated catalogue maker. FAADA summarised a poster they presented on sanctuaries to the annual Congress of the Spanish Cetacean Society, and Clive Martin gave us an update to the mysterious whale skeleton on Skye.


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