2018 in brief: Capacity Building

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March: WCA launched new partner types and is now open to scientific institutions, cetacean focused educational facilities and events.

April: WCA reached a ‘blue whale’ milestone of 100 partners!

May: WCA welcomed its very first Whale Champions. While the Campaigns Working Group looked to assist part Yorkshire Life Aquatics ‘Human Aquarium’ project.

June: South African partners celebrate and give a warm welcome to their returning whales, while Responsible Whale Watching Project Manager Sophie Lewis attended the 2018 European Maritime Day in Bulgaria.

July: Hervey Bay announced as the location for the 2019 World Whale Conference and Whale Heritages Site Summit. WCA individual partner Katie Reese walked for wild lives, raising awareness for the plight of whales and dolphins, and Incredible Oceans took their OceanDOME on tour bring marine education to everyone.

August: 10 new WCA trained Responsible Whale Watching Guides were welcomed to the WCA family. Cassie, who had already completed the course gave an account of her experience in Mozambique with WCA partner Dolphin Encountours. At the same time a call went out to help partner Divine Dolphin from Costa Rica who had lost their boat due to lighting.

September: Our very first 5 day interactive Marine Educators course was completed and our Trustees gave an update of recent changes to the board.

October: WCA ran its very first Focus Day bringing together partners from around the world who keep our working groups running. Partners Sodurba and WILDOCEANS announce their new joint offices in Durban, South Africa. Dolphin Encountours in Mozambique report how a stranding of a humpback whale has led to plans to develop a stranding response team and training.

November: Helping cetaceans – the human element, an event organised by partner Suzanne Rogers exploring the application of science of human behaviour change to animal protection work. Supported by partner Incredible Oceans and their wonderful lifesize orca. WCA CEO Dylan Walker, partners Pottwale e.V., Conscious Breathe Adventures and Cet Law attended a workshop on responsible whale watching in Dominica. Finally, the new logo for the 2019 World Whale Conference was launched.


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