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Join the Journey to Hervey Bay, Australia!

The 5th World Whale Conference and 3rd Whale Heritage Sites Summit is to be held in Hervey Bay in Queensland Australia 6-12 October 2019.

Co-hosted by Fraser Coast Tourism and Events the conference and summit will be the first in Oceania and promote Hervey Bay as a destination leading the way in responsible whale and dolphin watching tourism and marine conservation.

Our theme ‘Journeys that inspire change’ will be reflected in a dynamic week long programme that will highlight the Power of Whales to make Human Behaviour Change.

Official Conference Logo Launched

Our logo reflects the journey of the iconic Australian east coast humpback whales from their southern Antarctic feeding grounds, to the sub-tropical waters some 10,000 km’s north where they mate and give birth.

During their migration the humpbacks stop over in Hervey Bay, Queensland to rest, socialise and awe tourists and locals alike with their acrobatic displays in the sheltered, shallow waters of Platypus Bay.

The unique Australian shape needs no explaining but the team wanted tell you a little about the other design elements of the logo.

The reef-like splatter reflects the spectacular colours of the Australian coastline along the humpbacks migratory route as well as incorporating the logo colours of our co-host Fraser Coast Tourism and Events.

The mother humpback whale’s tail fluke points to our destination, Hervey Bay, and the coastal town is also pinpointed by the orange map marker.

Our theme strap line ‘Journeys that inspire change’ runs along the south western coastline into the Great Australian Bight where the southern right whale also migrates from Antarctica to breed and give birth in warmer waters. Southern right whales have also been seen as far north as Hervey Bay, even as recently as August this year.

More information to come on ticketing and travel information, so why not join us in October 2019!


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