The Mysterious Whale Skeleton of Skye

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Last month WCA partner Clive Martin recounted a story of his recent visit to the Isle of Skye in Scotland, a story that saw majestic fin whales close to shore and the skeleton of a mysterious whale.

It had been jokingly called the ‘Long Tailed Water Horse’ and the landowner had assured Clive it was a minke whale. But to Clive’s expert eye it was clearly not this species.

And so Clive put it out to the WCA followers. Could they guess what this species was?

Based on the images provided with the previous post there were some excellent guesses. Here Clive provides us with another image that should help clarify what species the skeleton is.

The image below indicates that the skeleton is in fact of a male Cuvier’s beaked whale. In this species the males have two tusk-like teeth that erupt from the tip of the lower jaw. The configuration of the nasal bones in this photo shows that this was in fact a male Cuvier’s rather than the minke whale the locals had believed all these years….


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