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WCA Partner Happywhale has developed an Automated Whale Catalogue Maker

Happywhale is now able to produce custom PDF or printed whale catalogs for any set of known individual whales. Based on any search parameters, such as all individuals seen by your tour company, or seen in your region in the last year, the system will select the highest quality available ID photo of all known individuals and generate a document that can be used as a PDF or printed, bound and delivered to you.

If you have ever wanted a catalog of known individual cetaceans in your waters, no longer will you have to laboriously sort and lay out photos in a desktop publishing application.

If you would like a catalog of whales ID’d in Happywhale or explore putting a new dataset into Happywhale to build a catalog from, please contact info@happywhale.com.

Below is an example of a two page spread from a whale catalogue from Antartica.

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