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If we do not understand why humans do the things they do, and what drives them to change, we will never be effective at making the world a better place for animals.

WCA Trustee Suzanne Rogers is the co-Director of Human Behaviour Change for Animals CIC (HBCA), and recently gathered nearly 150 delegates for a two day event exploring the application of the science of human behaviour change to animal protection work. WCA partner Incredible Oceans provided the entertainment in the form of an Ocean Quiz, a silent disco around an inflatable orca (you really had to be there!), a session with various interactive elements and an inspirational after dinner speech by Ian Rowlands.

At HBCA we believe that to truly inspire and motivate people to learn and apply new knowledge, watching presentations in a typical conference style isn’t enough. This event consisted of just two plenary talks followed by five concurrent streams of two-hour workshops – enabling delegates to attend six workshops over the weekend and delve more deeply into a topic than a presentation format would allow.

There is a vast body of evidence for what is needed to drive behaviour change, which is not currently being fully used by the animal protection sector. Human Behaviour Change (HBC) as a subject encompasses many fields – as shown in the figure below. No one can be an expert in all these fields, but we can ‘know what we don’t know’ and strive to include relevant ideas where possible.

The event offered workshops on many of these topics. The two plenary talks were filmed and will soon be available on the HBCA YouTube Channel. The proceedings of the event will be circulated through the HBCA Newsletter, which you can join through their website www.hbcanimals.com.

Here are just a few comments from delegates about the after dinner speech by Ian….the after dinner speech from Incredible Oceans was absolutely phenomenal – such honesty, extraordinary achievement, inspirational dedication and commitment”


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