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On October 19th and 20th 2018, FAADA, partner of WCA, presented a new poster at the annual Congress of the Spanish Cetacean Society held in Bilbao.

With the title “A better future for captive cetaceans” the poster’s aim was to introduce the concept of “sanctuaries” to the marine scientific community, explaining the basic criteria for a location’s suitability, the tools for ​​giving cetaceans a more naturalized life, the no-reproduction policy, and the projects that are currently active around the world.

FAADA are in direct contact with most of these projects and, together with scientists and international experts, support them in the common goal of offering an alternative to the cetaceans that have been suffering in captivity for years.

Dolphins, orcas and belugas that are currently living in dolphinaria around the world, deserve a place where they will no longer be exploited and where they have the opportunity to enjoy a habitat as similar as possible to the one they should have never left.


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